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Why You Need This Guide?

Is this you?

You are currently grappling with the tough decision of making employees redundant.

You aren't sure what you need to consider and how to make the process as painless and professional as possible.

You are worried that you may get it wrong and end up with an unfair dismissal claim.

We feel your pain and know how scary this can be so we crafted a simple Guide to Redundancy made just for you.

What you will learn

  •  Understand Redundancy  Learn what makes roles redundant and what you need to consider from a legal perspective.
  • Genuine Redundancies  Understand the criteria you need to meet to ensure your redundancy is genuine according to the law.
  • Consultation Requirements Understand why and how you need to consult before making your decision.
  • Redundancy Pay                Learn whether you need to pay redundancy and how many weeks the employee might be entitled to.

Redundancies don't have to be awful for you and your employees.

Easy to Use
This is a 5-minute read and acts as a simple checklist to ensure you can make your redundancy with ease.
peace of mind
Rest easy knowing you understand the laws and what you need to do to ensure your redundancy process meets legal requirements.
do's and don'Ts
Learn all the pitfalls and what we recommend you should do and not do to ensure you don't end up in hot water.

We make HR simple because it should be.

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